"GET OFF THE QUEEN'S GRASS!" - What is the origins of this and is it just a ATC or Sqn thing?

I’m a bit curious to find out shouting “Get off the Queen’s grass!” comes from.

When I was a recruit/first class Cdt, I remember the Sr Nco’s shouting this to cadets when they walk on the grass while on an RAF base.

Is this a reference from a film for a show that I am too young to know about or is it just my own sqn thing? :thinking:


Definately not a thing from just your sqn, think it’s relatively widespread through the corps. Not sure of its origin.


It’s a military thing worldwide, reasons are twofold

  1. Stops the grassed areas from being destroyed by foot traffic.

  2. It’s a symbolic gesture, by taking a shortcut across the grass you are saying you take shortcuts in life.

Certainly not a recent thing either, as referenced in Bad Lads Army



Those DS were actually lovely chaps. One was a WO who ran the York Remembrance parade and Festival of Remembrance. Had a lot of patience with cadets.


I remember watching Bad Lads army but have never seen this bit.

I believe the Cpl Nauyokas was a WO in the RAF, but I think He’s left now.

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The officer (Capt Lort-Phillips) is one of our former cadets…

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He was a WO2 in the army originally (RAOC) and later joined the RAF on a FTRS contract. He was FS Discip at Cranwell when I bumped into him prowling about outside Daedalus Mess around 2014. There’s a video doing the rounds of him coordinating a local parade which includes RAFAC personnel.



FTRS FS, met him at Cranwell a few times, nice bloke, but wouldn’t want to be on his bad side…

Met him once - decided he was a bit of an idiot for his complete failing to recognise Queen’s Commissions of VR(T) Officers, and hence flatly refusing to salute, and saying so in front of cadets. Some re-education was required.

That is an expert boot skating stop. I’m impressed.

But yes… Don’t walk on the grass.
Why “The Queen’s” grass? …Because it’s her armed forces, therefore her grass.


He is still in as a FTRS Sgt.

don’t have this at my squadron, but do have “off the stones.” from every nco and member of staff.

Its just something NCOs like to say because it makes us feel good


I have heard with the RN, if you’re on the grass than the scream is ‘Man overboard’.

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I have only heard it once at my SQN.

The CDT who said it was from Britain. I think it’s from a film or some running joke with his majesty from a long time ago…