GCHQ Summer School

Want to take part in a very “different” summer school activity - & get paid?

GCHQ “cyber-skills”

The Cyber Exposure is probably the one more suitable for cadets aged 18 or over;

The minimum requirement is:

• You must be 18 yrs+ on 1 April 2016
• Have, or be on track for 2 A-levels (or equivalent e.g. BTec) at grade C or above
• 5 GCSEs at Grade C or above (must include both Maths and English)

Cyber Insiders:

You will have an aptitude for problem solving, an interest in cyber beyond that of your university studies and are skilled in at least one computer language e.g. C, C#, C++, Python, Perl or Java.

You must be graduating between summers 2016-2019 and studying for your first degree in: Computer Science, Physics or Maths, a combination of or a closely related course:
-Be on track for a minimum 2.2 degree

Both (of course!) specify requirementts concerning Offical Secrets Act & security screening.

I’m very tempted to look into it… Have all the requirements.