Gas, Gas, Gas

Righty ho, all knowing brigade. It has been mentioned to me as a couple of events that it is possible to obtain propane bottles from station stores. Is this true or air cadet hearsay. My parent unit, Honnington doesn’t have a gas compound so they hold gas bottles. Before I hake a twit of myself elsewhere what is the consensus. We do a fair bit of cooking during the year so get through six 13kg propane bottles per year, the price of gas has rocketed so I’m trying to keep costs down.

Do you have an outdoor secure store for them to go in?

You could always go and talk to the supply on station and see what they say, the gas itself isn’t that expensive in the bottles, it’s the initial purchase of the bottles that’s the expensive bit so you might get lucky if it’s an exchange basis.

I’ve never heard of this before though and can’t see how it would ever come under our scaling so it’s likely just some lucky person who has an accommodating supply.

What’s an accommodating supply… :joy:

We are all legal with storage, I have a pukka gas cage, all approved by elf and safety. We seem to be the loadstone for empty bottles, the keep getting donated. From a scaling point of view each camp seems to have its own “features” Honnington are pretty good as far as I’m concerned, you always know when an ass has been to clothing stores the day before demanding that all his squadron must have number ones, but like all of us things change so fast these days when you ask a non standard question. I was just wondering if anyone else has tried on the gas front.

Sounds like a faff. We just buy Patio Gas from the local garage and don’t need to replenish it very often.
“six 13kg propane bottles per year” sounds like you are running an outdoor catering van!


I’d love it if you could share how you got your cage. I’ve been fighting a losing battle for years on that one!

I got a cage: I asked RFCA for one, waited a bit, then it was installed.
A COSHH cabinet was apparenty too much effort, but I guess they have gimp cages in stock!

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Close we have two field kitchen and a gas water boiler. We do four weekends a year with at least one kitchen, feeding 40ish cadets plus staff. Hence the gas.

Donated by local engineering firm, I’d heard there was a waiting list from normal channels. A nice thank you letter and a picky in the local press pitched up a flamstore a couple of months later. Gold star here we come…………………………Still buying gas though.

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