Fundraising for your squadron

If this is widely known already, then ignore me, but if it isn’t, spread the word.

The Co-op has begun a new scheme with its membership, some of you might be aware. Every time a member buys co-op branded goods they get 5% back as a loyalty reward to spend on what they like in store. So what? I hear you ask…

Well, the Co-op will also donate 1% to a charity of your choice…

Every few months, each area (and there are 1500 areas in the country, everywhere with a Co-op is covered) gets to pick 3 local charities to have as their local causes. Your squadron could be one of them. for more information and how to apply.

Typically, charities are earning anything between £500 and £1500. I’m sure you could find a few uses for that kind of money…

The Co-op also don’t like supporting anything vaguely military, but good luck I hope it works :slight_smile:

Pinch of salt needed with statements like that, the site only lists the following for the “who can apply”:

Who can apply

You can apply if you’re:

a registered charity
a small charity registered with HMRC for tax
a registered community amateur sports club
a church that’s an ‘excepted’ charity
a Scout or Guide group
Preference is given to organisations with an income of less than £1 million a year.

To qualify, your project’s main activity must:

take place in the UK or Isle of Man
not finish before October 2017
not have religious or political aims (although we do consider projects led by religious organisations that benefit the wider local community)
meet the Co-op’s values

What have you got to lose?

There are currently about 10 Sea Cadet units being funded and 1 ATC squadron.

Nice to see the Co-op are broadening their community involvement! They used to specifically list the cadet forces and military charities as non-applicants!!!

Ok well maybe they’ve changed, but only very few ATC squadrons will meet that criteria you’ve posted anyway.

The only criteria that could be relevant is that about being a charity, but that’s an easy fix and one plenty of squadrons have been doing for a long time.

And even if it can only help a handful, that’s better than it helping nobody.

Quite why you’re so adamant to pour scorn on it is anybody’s guess.

I’m not, I’m trying to assist others by not getting them to complete forms and get their hopes up when, from experience, it was a waste of time.

If things have changed in the last couple of years then fantastic and I applaud the Co-op for coming to their senses. I’m merely trying to be realistic as there will be very few squadrons that meet this:

a registered charity
a small charity registered with HMRC for tax
a registered community amateur sports club
a church that’s an ‘excepted’ charity
a Scout or Guide group

As you’ve helpfully put.

You don’t normally have to tick all the boxes.

Go for it, if you get turned down that’s life. We’ve been turned down for more grants than we have had. All you need to do is ensure it’s not your only funding stream for whatever you want to do.

The one fly in the ointment is the not completed by October 2017, which might be open to interpretation.

A direct quote of one unit’s application and what is displayed in their local store:

"£1630.33 to Army Cadet Force, Argyll Company

Project summary: kayaking, climbing and biking equipment will enable our young people to challenge themselves further and take part in adventure training.

Totals raised 21 September to 21 November"

If it’s not for you, then fine. But it’s worth looking into.

Sorry to be pedantic, but the ATC does not satisfy the conditions listed, especially the Registered Charity bit, because apart from ONE Squadron all others have Excepted status, which is distinctly NOT registered.

I know from experience that the Coop did not entertain nominations for grants to the ATC, but may be they have changed the rules, but not all Coops are party to the same agreement - there are distinctly separate Coops, eg Lincolnshire Coop would not accept a Midshire Membership card, and locally not all shops accept the new card.

Scotland may again be different but then all Squadron funds there are Registered because different Laws apply.

However, Nothing ventured nothing gained, especially if the ACF get money and they are not a Charity.

Should your Committee be looking to establish these facts?


Just to check - the person above isn’t me! :joy:

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This has to be the approach, nowadays it doesn’t even mean the cost of a stamp.

Just ensure it’s not what you are solely relying on for the funding.

On a wider note wouldn’t be easy if the various CWCs compile lists of grant providers and what they will/won’t provide money from. Then if anyone is problematic this can be highlighted.

This is Co-op group, not co-op societies. What the societies do is largely a law unto themselves. An arrangement has been made allowing you to use society cards in group stores, and vice versa, but agreements between societies is something for them to handle (which they won’t).

Co-op societies aren’t part of this new membership drive / community giving drive, so their own rules on charity giving aren’t relevant in this case.

Either way, as Teflon says, the worst they can say is no and you won’t get any extra money - isn’t that where you are now?