Funding Advice please


Hello everyone
My name is Amy, I’ve been in the cadets for just over a year and can honestly say it is the best thing I’ve ever done!
I wanted to ask for advise on fund raising, I have to raise £4300 for a charity trip to Ecuador in July 2020 with my school via Camps International, I have to raise the money myself.
Could anyone advise me on who to contact/apply for help with the fund raising or any ideas on what I can do to raise the money.
Any advice would be gratefully received.
Many thanks


What part of the UK are you?


Ive seen a number of Cake/Tea/Coffee stalls over the years at wing events & squadron presentation evenings/open evenings etc. Made quite a bit of money from it as well.

Speak to your OC to try and approach your wing staff to see what sort of response you get. I can tell you my wing staff like a cake or two (and me included!).


If you are over 16, ask your OC to dig out the information about the RAF Air Cadet Development Trust – Bursary Scheme from ACTO100. You can apply for funding for personal development training which I imagine would include this kind of activity.

Just noticed you’ve been in just over a year - you need to be in for a minimum of 2 to apply for the bursary but you should reach that before your trip, so start preparing your application now and fire it in bang on your 2 year point.


Have you got yourself a fundraising page on just giving etc that people can donate to?

Getting one of those setup and then tweeting the commandant a link can often get you a few quid.

On top of that speak to the local authority as well, they may have funding streams available or grants that you could apply for to help.


Try contracting your local rotary club
Or local masonic lodge (then follow the links to your local province which should have a list of lodges in your area.)

I got 2k from rotary when I did something similar and my lodge makes (smaller) grants to local kids trying to fundraise for expeditions.


in a similar vain we had a cadet that spoke to their local junior football club and sorted a cake stall every home game. maybe something to think about


There’s a 1/34 chance that you’re in Dorset Wilts Wg, in which case you can try the JTYAF, if not maybe ask around and see if there is a similar charity that can help?


Or, set up a gofundme page and get the Regt facebook page to share it for you! :wink:


Hi Alex,
I’m in Suffolk :0)


JTYAF only support DWW so was going to throw you in their direction if you were in that wing


Your CO is well aware and is looking at funding streams for you


Fantastic thank you, she got a 3/4 page spread in the Suffolk Free Press today, fabulous PR for the Squadron :grinning: