Funded PhD with RAF Museum

Hi all,

Thought this opportunity may be of interest to any budding academics who are RAF enthusiasts.

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It’s a great opportunity, you’ll need

  • a Bachelors degree with 1st/2:1 honours
  • a Masters degree in a related subject with Merit or Distinction

Applications close 5pm on Friday 27th January 2023.


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Is this really an area where there is a lack of research still? I mean, back in the day, definitely - the WRAF undervalued (not to mention the ATA girls) but not now, surely?

Wonder if the ‘class’ research will feature Armstrong & Miller. I have strong views on that RAF stereotype…

Maybe there’ll be a part of Barbara Cooper and Dawn McCafferty. Especially the former, wasn’t she the highest ranking female officer in the RAF at one point.

Dawn also became a very visual female face of the ACO/RAF/RAFAC.

I don’t know the statistics but I would imagine there’s more middle class/upper middle class people in the British Army (think household cavalry sort) than RAF.

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The original post said ‘Early 20th Century’ so think is a little before Dawns time

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