Fun Police Strike Again - Drone Flying Banned

Drone flying is prohibited with immediate affect.
ACTO 75 is withdrawn, pending transfer of the activity to 2 FTS and a comprehensive review taking place.

So that’s our next Stem activities canx then

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I believe what you’re saying, but where have you heard it?

What the actual…

There is no consideration for the impact on Sqns of this sort of across the board action.

Ok then… going to send my annual BMFA bill for the Sqn to HQAC and ask them to reimburse it.
2nd time now HQAC have caused waste of membership / insurance time.

What possible assurances and procedures could 2FTS think model and drone flying need above whatbus already in place… idiots…

Or is it more that as manned flying is all but over for cadets, they realised if they dont rebuild their empire, they are soon out of a job.

Where have you seen this?

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Does this include RTP aircraft? As I’m planning on resurrecting that project.

This is the sort of thing that just drives contempt of HQAC.

Unless there is a clear and serious safety concern in ACTO75 the activity should be allowed to continue under the old rules until the review and new document are complete.

If there is such a safety issue explain what it is so that people understand.

Once again HQAC not understanding that as volunteers we need information not diktats, we aren’t regulars and we tend not to shout “how high sir” when they insist we jump.

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Surely this should also encompass RC then… There’s not much between them

Also link to this comms?

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IIRC acto 075 covers all RC flying (I don’t have it handy right now) so if they have withdrawn it have they stopped it all, not just drones?

We have been actively looking at this area for STEM and as a way to let Cadets experience a different side of ‘flying’.

Looking at what the forces are doing - including social media this week from our parent service - it is clear that mil tech and consumer tech is converging.

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Welcome to The Cadets - all air has been removed.


I’d laugh if I wasn’t crying into my coffee

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Well there’s no email, and no announcement on Sharepoint. So I’m going to actually wait for some official information rather than just reading it on here.


Not trying to be funny, but it strikes me that - and I truly mean this - the ACO operates despite the RAF, not because of it. You’d pretty much be better off without them.

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Any clarity on where this is listed?

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Well it’s still up on SharePoint . . .

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Well, I’ve still got a DJI mini that I’ll use for PofF and for getting shots of expeds.


I smell bull poo. Huge piles of it.

Unless turbo is very close to the source. In which case they are talking out of turn prior to official notification…

Either way. Bad show old boy. Bad show.

Came to say the same, no indication of this as you and others have said.


I’m locking this as, at the current time, there is no actual evidence this is true and it’s just going to wind people up. As and when something official comes out PM a mod and we’ll unlock it.