Free TfL travel for uniformed staff?

I spotted the following announcement in July’s Defence Monthly Digest.

[quote]Military receive free Transport for London travel. As of 28 June 2013, Transport for London is offering free travel to Service personnel in uniform. This offer applies to regular and reserve personnel travelling in issued uniform and in possession of a MOD Form 90 ID card. The offer is valid for travel on London Buses, London Underground, London Tramlink and the Docklands Light Railway: (See also 2013DIN01-128)[/quote]

Does this apply to uniformed CFAV, just VRT (as ‘reserve’ forces) or neither?

Does anyone have access to the DIN referenced in the quotation above?

I’m sure if you were in uniform and carrying a MoD90, nobody would actually challenge you about the specifics. Give it a go. :slight_smile:

According to my mate who’s some sort of manager for London Underground, you don’t even need to be in uniform. He says “just show your ID at the station and they’ll let you through for free”.