Free Office 365 Licences!

If you squadron is registered for Gift Aid, then you are probably eligible for some free Office 365 licences from Microsoft.

Microsoft will offer you 10 Office 365 Business Premium licences, which include desktop versions of all the popular Office apps (like Word and PowerPoint) and as many Office 365 E1 licences as you need (these are the same licences all staff get within with the RAFAC, with online apps only).

All licences come with up to 5TB per user OneDrive access, email accounts and Teams access.

The process to get these licences is relatively straightforward, but there are a few steps you need to go through to get them. More information about it all is here: Microsoft 365 Nonprofit Solutions | Microsoft Nonprofits

I showed them the letter we got when we registered for Gift Aid, which was proof enough for Microsoft that we were a charity.

You will need somebody reasonably proficient in IT to manage the account once they are set up, using an online dashboard. It will also help if you have a squadron website, as they use the domain name at the end of the email address. For example,

If you need any help getting set up drop me a message or post a comment here. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info.


I’m reassured that someone has made this work! How did you get to talk to a real person to show them your evidence? I can’t get past the registration page without a charity registration number (I have an excepted charity number which works for gift aid, but isn’t recognised by Microsoft).


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When your squadron signed up for Gift Aid you should have had a letter that had a HMRC Charities reference number on it. Microsoft accepted this as a valid charity number with a scanned copy of the letter. Hope this helps! On the dropdown, during the registration process, choose HMRC instead of Charity Commission for England and Wales.