Forgetting rank slides

Can anyone tell me what the correct etiquette is if you forget/can’t find your rank slides? I lost one of mine and didnt know what to do? Do I come in civvies?

It’ll vary by squadron. Email your staff on their generic email asking for advice.

(Squadron number)

The standard procedure on our Squadron is speak to the staff, put up with a couple of jokes about ‘don’t you want to be an NCO any more?’, after which you’ll be given another rank slide. If you later find the missing rank slide, return the spare one for brownie points.

Don’t worry about it too much. Everyone’s done it and it happens more often than you think. Just don’t keep losing/misplacing things too often.


Could always be worse…

You could still have it, but have put it on upside down!

Agree with the above. You’ll get jokes about being incorrectly dressed for not wearing the correct rank (standard joke when presenting new rank slides on promotion) but it’s better than actually being incorrectly dressed by wearing civvies.

I remember a cadet on Remembrance Sunday, in front of the public, being told to remove his beret because he’d forgotten his brassard. Why would you make someone be more incorrectly dressed, to such an extent that it stands out in an obvious way to the public?