FOR SALE RAF Aircrew Leather Jacket


Due to my midlife crisis fitness addiction, I am selling my MOD approved RAF leather jacket in a size 38R as I’ve had to buy a smaller size.

Jacket is in immaculate condition with no tears or scuffs.

The jacket may be worn by Officers, WOs and SNCOs in the RAF and RAFAC as per AP1358/C when in No2 dress uniform or with flying clothing as per AP1358C para 0220. You do not need to be aircrew to wear this jacket.

I’m in the North West should you wish to try the jacket on and am happy to travel a reasonable distance for serious buyers but will post nationwide.

These are £500 new so looking for £350. Postage by courier is about £20 due to the value.

Any questions, give me a shout.


Price reduced to £350.

I’d love it, but need a slightly bigger chest sadly


Me too.

And he’s flexing ‘I had to buy a smaller size’! :rofl:


It would probably fit a 39-40 they are a generous fit but you’d most probably need to try it on unless you were willing to take a chance.

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New Years bump.

Open to sensible offers bearing in mind the cost of a new one.

Could bulk back up and save the money :slight_smile:

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Not an option I’m afraid but thanks for the reply :laughing: