For Sale: Officers No. 5 Jacket and Trousers - XXL

Hi all,

I am selling my Bells Tailors (Halton Tailor) Officers No 5 Jacket and Trousers as I’m no longer in need of it. Currently ranked Fg Off with RAFAC embroidered lapel patches.

This was made for me by Bell’s at Halton approx 5 years ago. I’m a big guy, 42” waist and 46-48” chest and both jacket and trousers this is very loose on me. In terms height I’m approx 5ft 9 for gauging.

Honestly, you won’t find these sizes on eBay often as unsurprisingly ex military selling their wears are not VRT sized - I wish I could have picked one up second hand back in the day.

Both the jacket and trousers have never been altered and there’s plenty of material for expanding / contracting, I’m sure a good seamstress could make this fit a smaller or larger individual very well.

There is some slight wear on the bottom of the jacket where it’s caught on the cummumbund Velcro but not noticeable from the outside.

Jacket alone was £500 new, I’m asking £250 for both (or make me an offer) Happy for people to come and try it in south London if you wish.

Also selling a No1 jacket and trousers - happy to take offers for both.

DM me for info - either pick up in South London or happy to post, postage fee approx £5.

Now sold as well, thanks all!

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