Flying scholarship First Aid question

Hi, apparently the 2016 ACPS (flying scholarship - ACO) course get awarded AFA (if the cadet doesn’t have YFA), and get awarded YFA if the cadet doesnt have this already. To your knowledge is this actually true as I am hoping to get a place on the 2017 course and therefore achieve AFA?

I’ve heard other stuff like you can achieve Blue Comms on the ACPS too, but it relates to how well the cadet performs on the course.

I hadn’t heard anything of the sort.

I was on the 2013 ACPS and I didn’t personally achieve AFA or anything additional to the course, but I didnt expect to. The only thing I wanted to get from the ACPS was going solo and its the same with the majority of cadets on the course. However, if the cadet flies through the course (pardon the pun) then there is an opportunity to achieve First Aid Qualifications (such as Activity First Aid or Youth First Aid) after they have completed their solo flight. If the cadet already has AFA then they have an opportunity to gain Blue Communications (providing they are in the same situation as previously stated). But this is only usually apparent if the cadet has Advanced gliding, FSC at a VGS or undergoing PPL as many struggle with the main objective of the course.

Again, the majority of cadets walk away with nothing extra for their uniform but if they perform well they can walk away with ACP Wings and if they perform very well then they can potentially walk away with 3 extra badges for their uniform (this is literally unheard of)

I believe AFA is an extension to the course but Blue comms can be completed throughout the course if they operate the radio efficiently and to the regulatory standards and syllabus.

However, the ACPS changes syllabus every year (with regards to extra qualifications) as the main goal is to go solo… if you want AFA, go on the AFA course as you will probably miss both birds with the stone if you try and take both of them. I remember either the 2015 or 2014 ACPS didnt have any opportunity to gain AFA or Blue comms. Plus it depends on the individual courses because if there is barely anyone on a course (usually course #15 as this is during exams) then there will be more intense and detailed tuition, leading to completion of the ACPS and possibly additional courses. As far as I believe 2016 have still got an opportunity for the additional courses, however 2017 im not sure about.