Flying Scholarship Application Form Changes!

I’ve just had a couple of ACPS applications bounce back because we weren’t using the latest version of the form.

Having just downloaded the latest version that went live a month ago, a couple of things spring to mind.

  1. The Air Cadet AEF Course (ACAEFC) has been removed from the form as an option. Has this been very quietly removed for good? Is it another cadet experience lost forever?

  2. The form now contains a 4th page containing ‘Part 10 - Diversity and Inclusivity’! It asks about your school dinners and your ethnic group, without the option to “prefer not to say”. Does this mean the organisation will be using positive discrimination to fill the slots with people who might not be the best candidates?

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Just to be sure, the latest version seems to be 4.0

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Almost certainly not. But what they will do afterwards is look and see if any groups are under represented and ask if there is anything they can do next time to try and resolve that


Those items are purely optional also. So can be left unmarked.

The layout/grammar of the form, particularly Part 3 and (IMHO) Part 5, Part 7 need looking at.

But I’m being nitpicky, though I wonder if my applications will be bounced because of some tweaks to the formatting

Indeed. I suggest the OP looks at CAS and Comdt AC’s ASTRA strategy…

So have we lost the Air Cadet AEF Course (ACAEFC) then?

As far as current cadets are concerned you can’t lose what you never had…


Tutors spend every other day grounded so makes sense

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Bit optimistic there


Has there been an official announcement on this?


I heard on the grapevine that there are big changes coming to ACTO 034 and SGS and ACPS applications. Watch this space!

I similarly heard that if you recieved an SGS you would be illegible for ACPS.

I hope that’s not the case, otherwise you should be just as proud of receiving a place on an SGS as being awarded Bronze Wings … congrats, you’re just not good enough

Comms on this in our region already!

Mainly that region are bringing application processes together, the way SGS works has always been a little bit and miss.

There’ll be a new form for ACPS, yes. Other changes may take longer.

With the numbers of scholarships now available, though, it doesn’t make sense for the same cadet to do two of them.

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So basically, as a new start cadet, you can look forward to 1 AEF flight and 1 scholarship…if you are really, really, really lucky.

I’ve not mentioned VGS on purpose, because we’ve not been given an allocation for 3 and a half years now!