Flying/Gliding Bronze Wings

Does anyone have access to any information regarding the criteria to gain Bronze A or G wings?

Your squadron?
Anybody else with access to Bader Sharepoint and ACTO31 and 32?

Thank god for the upcoming portal solution.

No more questions like this.
Cadets will have all the info available to them.
Although it wont be the “instant response” most lazily want.

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I am looking foward to look on cadet portal being my default answer


I’m happy to answer specific questions if I can, but posting swathes of the ACTOs is a bit too far.

Cadet Portal doesn’t provide access to SharePoint though, just your details, events and selected documents

Indeed, and I doubt that every ACTO which may be asked about is going to be made available.

But it will have the Badge Tracker, which shows cadets what they need to do to achieve each badge.


i offer you a tool already available to us all - it is called “and internet search engine” - the most commonly used is a site called “Google”

joking aside, a bit of time on Google could answer 50% of the kind of answers we all see, be it here, on Facebook (be that the "you know you’ve been…page, or a Squadron or other page) or even at Unit.

I see it so much in my village facebook group.

“is the fish and chip wagon coming round tonight its is Wednesday?” - typically a post or two about said food retailer indicating they are on site waiting for business.

“what time does the dry cleaners open - anyone know?” - take a look on Google.

the trouble is - it is easier (lazier) to ask a question with obvious/easily found answer than actually looking for ones self…

although the Portal may be a saving grace it will not be a holy grail - these questions will still exist

Google will not know whether the information is current so is an unreliable source for queries such as this.


Sure it will, but in the context of Cadets, rather than your village group . . . , We can answer questions then flag it up with the VSDT as something that either should be on CP or needs to be more obvious on CP.