Flying/Gliding Another nail in the coffin

Just seen the more robust paperwork, why do we have a log book again?

I was getting bored of trying to cajole cadets into going flying and then getting them there anyway. The new process means I will most likely not have to bother.

Wow. An excel spreadsheet with fixed box sizes which means I cannot read what’s written in them when the answer is not “fit to fly”. Useful chaps. Really useful.

I’ve clearly missed something and we’re going flying next week.

Excellent…more paperwork and more time in from of the PC.

I spend most of my working day in front of the PC and it’s getting to the stage I’m doing more and more cadet related stuff online, maybe it’s time to pull the handle and become a non-PC using CI again…

Announcement on SharePoint.

Is it just me or is Annex F to ACTO31 totally illegible?

Yup seen it now. I’m weeing myself in excitment at more forms and procedures to learn!

Do you think they have noticed we take cadets at 12 now? That’s 15 months before they can fky

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Excuse me all, but what is this “flying” of which you speak? Do we offer that now?

[quote=“juliet mike” post=20306]Do you think they have noticed we take cadets at 12 now? That’s 15 months before they can fly

but they can attend a GIC after 12 weeks…(After enrolment)

AEF is 13 1/4 but I think that’s a long time for new cadets to wait if they want a good recruitment.

As with other document revisions, will the ACO sponsor PLEASE highlight the changes instead of blanket issue of new documents, expecting all staff to pick out the differences.

MK, I think it’s pretty much whole doc changes.

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That might be, but an “executive summary” should be mandatory in such instances, using a simple bullet point list, e.g.


[li]All cadets eligible for activity

Minimum age 8 3/4 yrs

Mandatory medical form for all cadets taking part in activity

Personal cotton wool to be issued in advance[/li]

Mike - I thought that the joining age for next year was a closely guarded secret :stuck_out_tongue:

You do know that excel has a zoom function, right? If the text becomes obscured, click the Wrap Text Button twice.

As for those of you who are bleating about the information on the 3822, it’s simply insufficient as it only records the cadet’s condition the day they joined- which may be up to 7 years earlier. There is an element of risk involved in what we do and, to manage that risk, it’s not unreasonable to ask if the person in the other seat has any condition which might jeopardise his/her or, more importantly, my safety. For that, you have to spend a few minutes in front of a PC filling out a few forms. Boo hoo. In the past year I have had one colleague who had a cadet pass out mid flight and another colleague have to deal with a cadet who had an autistic spectrum disorder and who decided it’d be a good idea to unbuckle his harness and try to climb out of the back of a Viking at 2000’. I also know of a case where a cadet with (benign) tumors on his lungs was sent on a sub-aqua course and- as you might expect- got into difficulty 10m underwater. (His parents signed the TG21 saying he was in the clear because a) they’re :mad: idiots and b) because they didn’t want little Bloggsy to miss out.)

The form isn’t designed to stop people flying. Realistically speaking, it’s not going to catch everyone who shouldn’t be flying. What it’s going to do is help reduce needless risk by making you and your cadets pause for thought as to whether or not they should be flying and, if you’re in any doubt, give you signposts as to where you can get clarification and resolution. Be honest, how many of you ask questions about your cadets’ health except when dealing with TG21s and 23s?

WRT sub-aqua, the British Sub-Aqua Club (UK sport regulating authority) require a full medical before doing sub-aqua training and repeat medicals every 5 years (there’s an additional requirement with service diving for a chest x-ray), so I would have thought that a TG21 would not have been sufficient. What the requirements at PADI regulated club & courses are I don’t know.

You do know that excel has a zoom function, right? If the text becomes obscured, click the Wrap Text Button twice.[/quote]
That greyed out “Wrap text” function that can’t be used incase you edit the document? And the zoom function literally does nothing on my PC. Maybe it’s my 2013 version of Excel that’s the problem.

As with any document that relies on the honesty & accuracy of parental/guardian completion, it is only a “cover your ass” against liability.

As discussed elsewhere, an annual “do anything” TG21 form, with a “if you don’t declare everything & little Johnny or Josephine dies as a result, a plague of locusts will descend on you…” will cover the liability & minimise the sqn administration.