Flying, and badges

Good evening/morning,

I have been seeing a few posts about this, and a few friends have been discussing - apologies if you have answered this elsewhere and I haven’t found it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to Bader, so can’t look at any of the ACTO’s… :frowning:

Anyway, over the last 3 years (and a few months), I have been lucky enough to go flying 6 times. In that, I have done all the usual AEF stuff, and done some aerobatics too.

Does this, in any way shape or form, qualify me for any kind of flying badge? Perhaps a blue ‘A’ badge?

Many thanks in advance!

Have you done groundschool and gone on a PTT? If not then you won’t be eligible. If so there is a chance if you can prove the content of your flights mapped to the sortie criteria but there are days limits I can’t remember off the top of my head.

Ther are three elements to gaining blue wings. groundschool - typically a 20-30 min lecture delivered at a VGS or AGS, a PTT session, again delivered at a VGS or AGS and a qualifying flight either at a VGS or AEF.

Whether you complete the qualifying flight on a VGS or AEF determines whether you wear the “G” or “A” wings. When you flew at the AEF they should have inserted a small slip (2FTS Form 005) in your log book to record flights completed on the new syllabus.

I would suggest you scan the flying page of your log book and contact your Wing Aviation Officer. If you have completed the Ground School, PTT AND flown recently you will have a good chance of getting blue wings.

Date relevance - from Nov 2016 (introduction of new syllabus).