Fly on a Voyager to Tenerife?

Jet2 have wet leased a pair of Voyagers from AirTanker to support their summer routes. Can’t imagine the quality of service would be much different to flying from Brize!

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This was always (supposed) to be the case, it’s the prime reason behind the PFI rather than buying the things outright - which we absolutely should have done.

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I’m going to Tenerife soon but on a Dreamliner with TUI. Never been on one before.

When I felt back from Shader, the Voyager I was on still had it’s Jet2 seats fitted.

We don’t actually own the Voyagers. AirTanker do.

At the start of the war in Ukraine the RAF took up two A330s from the Air Tanker deal to increase the AT Fleet capacity.

This deal caused serious problems in particular with the US as whilst there was no equipment in the aircraft things such a cable runs for such things as Link 16 had to stay on the aircraft.

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