Flight suit

Good morning/afternoon/evening.

I am looking forward to buy a flight suit for gliding and flying. I would like the RAF flight suit to be modern and preferably in nice condition or even better, un-used.

I am aware that we do get supplied them for the event but I would like my own personal one.

It would be great if the suit could preferably be under 100 pounds.

Many thanks,
fellow Cadet.

Hi @aaaaaaaasdddddddffggggggb ,

Unfortunately for AEF you can’t wear your own as there are many specific H&S requirements pertaining to level of fire protection and style of the flight suit. (Pockets/zips etc all in the same place) - they’re referred to a Marks I/II/III etc.

And for Gliding you’ll normally wear your combats.

Sorry its not the answer youre looking for - save your money and buy a good pair of combat boots


The only situation where you may need to buy your own flight suit is on QAIC - assuming they don’t still issue them to successful candidates.

Got my QAIC flight suit in the loft somewhere :joy:

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*flying suit

(we are not Americans)


I’m Canadian :wink: close enough

I am Canadian - No it is not

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