Flight staff cadet

Just wondering what are the requirements for becoming a FSC at at

A quick google led me to this post on Facebook.

Staff Cadets are key in the successful running of the AEF, undertaking tasks such as completing the flying manifest, briefing visiting cadets and various other ground duties. They also have the unique opportunity to be able to learn flying skills from pilots who have flown many types of aircraft from Chipmunks to Vulcans to Eurofighter.

Cadets should have a keen interest in aviation, be punctual, and able to attend the AEF AT LEAST twice a month.

Interested parties should meet the criteria laid out in ACP 20 PI No 504; however we would ask that they hold the rank of at least Corporal.

The AEF we use does not fly at weekends and does not have any Flight Staff Cadets. Completing of manifests, escorting Cadets and other duties are carried out by escorting CFAVs.

FSCs at AEFs are becoming rare - some AEFs for example have young holding officers doing admin instead - and as @Flighty says many AEFs aren’t flying much at weekends. (That isn’t likely to get much better although there are some moves to improve things.)

Our staff cadets on the vgs come from SGS students that show aptitude and enthusiasm to progress. They complete the gwgt syllabus whilst attending on weekends as staff cadets. There is a minimum commitment expected and not all vgs have accommodation so staff cadets need to be able to get to and from the sqn when required.

Ditto, they also insist on having a uniformed CFAV rather than a CI or a Staff Cadet :roll_eyes:

Not at the AEF we use.
If I had a snot o gram about not sending a uniformed staff member to escort cadets, they would receive short shrift.

They can take a running jump - what on earth are they trying to do (& on what basis)??!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I think it’s RAF gate +AEF can’t be bothered to come and sign us in.

We have staff cadets although we don’t currently fly at weekends. We feel Staffies are an integral part of our AEF and it does ease our workload when they are able to come down during the week.

I loved my time as a Staffie so much so that I stayed on as a uniformed member of staff and am still here some 20 odd years later.

PI504 also states you must hold the rank of Corporal and the Master Cadet classification.