Flight Sergeant crowns

Hi all, I’m doing last minute prep for Sunday and I realised that I’ve never re-ranked my No1’s.

So I’m say here with my jacket and I’ve got no idea how to attach the crown.
I know where it goes above the Sgt stripes, I just don’t know how. Do I sow it on, cut some little holes and feed it through or use safety pins?

Any speedy advice is very welcome.


Well, the “proper” way in the RAF was to make the smallest possible holes in the sleeve, push the side pieces through, fix the backing plate over the side pieces, & finally use the split pin to go through the holes in the side pieces.

For the ACO…??? This was an old thread:


Your call really.

The intention is that you cut two small slits in the sleeve and lining, push the posts through, and the insert the pin.
I did that on my old jacket. On the later one I cut two small slits in the sleeve (but not the lining), pushed the posts through, and then carefully bent them over. That worked fine and was more comfortable.

I’ve seen plenty of people stitch them on. I’ve never bothered stitching where fasteners were provided. If you do, just ensure you use as little thread as necessary and I’d go for a champaign coloured thread if I were you.
I think it looks god-awful when I see crowns (and ATC pins) attached with loads of blue thread… Or worse, thin fishing line which yellows with age.

You can buy ‘invisible thread’. To be honest in all my time tailoring I’ve never liked it.

Thanks gents, I managed to attach them. Cutting a wee hole was easier than using my limited sewing skills.