Flight points


After having many new enthusiastic cadets turn up, bringing our regular parades to 30 from 8 i want to bring back flight points properly.
I however cant find out old scoring sheets with the points that are allocated for each activity, so i was wondering if any of you guys have a document with your squadrons points allocation for activities that i can piggyback to get mine started? I obviously have the basic things like attendance :slight_smile:



I can let you have a copy of mine if you want. It takes in the monthly inspection scores as well as Sqn attendance at not just parade nights but also other activities (weekend activities, collections, day trips etc). They also get points for DOE, flying & gliding scholarships, camps etc.

PM me for a copy, although I’m off to RIAT today so I won’t be able to do it straightaway.


Sorry to revive an old topic, but @asdevil768 would you be able to send me that? We’re in a similar situation to the OP - which is exciting for us! Thanks.


I’ll root around for ours too


Amazing thanks. Send. Me a pm if you find it


My sqn just developed one I’ll try get a digital copy and pm it otherwise I’ll just take a photo




@A400m apologies for not seeing your post until now. I will see what I can do over the weekend, PM me your email address.


A little late to the party on this but would anyone be able to send me a copy as well?

Drop me a PM and I can send on my email address.


Out of interest… does anyone give ‘prizes’ for their flights (should one get the most points over a year etc)?

I’ve recently planned out a points system to implement next year but am stuck on how to ‘reward’ the winning flight…

Somehow I don’t think free Mars Bars from the tuck shop will cut it ! :joy:


PM sent.


Can you send to me also


PM sent