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Hiya, I’ve been picked to be a Flight IC as the system is being re-introduced as we disbanded it one or two month ago.

We have things called Flight Nights were it’s down to the IC’s to do something with them. It can be anything that is reasonable and safe for the cadets. Any ideas/tips on running the flight nights?

From a staff point of view what would you see as a reasonable activity?

Personally in the past when we used to do this before it dropped off a cliff, never to return. We asked the cadets to write down the things they liked to do of a evening and ran from there.

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Something that bonds the cadets together as a flight, isn’t PowerPoint & doesnt require specialist quals or excessive paperwork & isn’t likly to kill anyone.

Can work as as inter flight night with the cdt SNCOs working as DS.

Use to do them regularly on the Sqn as it allowed the staff to have a staff meeting but since covid knackered both flights & NCOs we haven’t had one since we returned.

The key thing is something different that’s fun & engaging - complex leadership is a good shout but anything that isn’t the norm.

Your Sqn should have a load of generic risk assessments do use them as a starting point to make sure your not doing something that breaks a policy.

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Been a while since I’ve paraded, but we occasionally delivered the Blue Leadership Training Syllabus when stuck on ideas.

If you do a lesson on the theory before, then you could always deliver the practical side during one of these nights.

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Depending on whether you have them in your programme already, bull nights can be a good flight-bonding experience.

Leadership tasks are always good - you could consider an interflight competition, either just for the night or as a long-running thing.

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Thanks for the idea. Curious as to why flights were disbanded at your sqn if you don’t mind me asking?

Numbers reduced but if and when they improve I’m sure we will look at doing it again.

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