Flatbed cargo concept

I have a love/hate relationship with my Google Assistant. It’s clearly listening into conversations I have with my kids. The other day my son was asking about heavy lift aircraft and somehow the conversation moved on to oversized cargo - specifically the Guppy and Beluga - but we also touched on the An225 acting as a shuttle carrier. And underslung loads via the Chinook, Skycrane and K-Max (admittedly, not a heavy lifter - but I just wanted to blow his mind about intermeshing rotors!).

He then asked if there are any “flatbed” aircraft like the lorries we saw on the motorway - as “they’ll surely be easier to get awkward shapes on as you’re not as limited by the fuselage”. But I drew a blank and couldn’t think of anything.

But Google was listening. And today threw this at me in my “suggestions”…

It turns out Lockheed did some research and concept work on having a flatbed aircraft to move oversized cargo by air!!!

Who knew!!!

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I’m sorry but this made me laugh out loud a lot :rofl: :rofl:

You’ve clearly taught him well!

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Yeah. I know. I pity him sharing my geeky genetic make up!

But, maybe you should talk to him about cargo airships…

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Did an interesting visit with cadets a few months ago at the Hybrid Air Vehicles site near Bedford. They mentioned doing VVIP special tourist flights as one possible income stream.


The closest was probably something like this…

And this, even if it was a one off!

that “collapse” is old news - 2017

the project continues to go well…

The company had previously said that European-based Air Nostrum Group had reserved 10 Airlanders, but that number had increased to 20, for delivery by 2027.

source: Airlander 10 developers to team up with BAE Systems - BBC News
(updated last week)

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