Flag Party help

Heya, so apparently I’m practicing for the Flag Party (so positions haven’t been selected yet but I’m sure I won’t make it with my timing and marching lol.), and I think by practicing ordering and lowering the flags alone I’ve been ok so far.

Now up to the marching, oh boy. Here is when my true colors (pun unintended) start to show: Terrible marching especially syncing my arm with my leg sometimes, and overall timing, especially in the “Right Form” and “Spiral Counter March” areas.

Right form: (either being any flag position) When I turn or incline right, I f*ck up my timing by either bear marching, forgetting to raise my elbow, or literally end up not in line.

Spiral counter: This one is fine, but I screw up the execution at the start and end by forgetting the timings.

Help is needed!