First visit

Hi all,

Visiting my sqn Tuesday for a look around and hopefully get the ball rolling to become a member of staff.

My current question is what to wear! How would you expect a prospect staff member to dress.

I know first impressions matter, but don’t want to be over/under dressed!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It’s going to vary depending on the unit as we each have our own expectations, but a polo-shirt and jeans would’ve been totally acceptable for me.


If you want to play safe then go with smart casual; trousers and open neck shirt.

As above, on our squadron is pretty relaxed so jeans and T-shirt would be fine.

I’m sure they’ll be happy to see you no matter what you wear.


Echo the above.

Smart casual is completely acceptable.

Avoid coming down looking like you’ve just woke up or might be spending the day sunbathing and you’ll be fine. First impressions do count.


I’m in a similar position – and I have one question. Would it be appropriate/required to address the Boss and other officers as Sir/Ma’am? Are CI’s required to do this as a matter of course. I’m asking as we had no CI’s in my squadron all those years ago.

Welcome on board!

I’d suggest asking. I don’t expect CIs to call me Sir. It would annoy me if they did. In front of the Cadets they’d address me by my rank and surname. Where cadets are not around first name (uniformed staff would also address me by my first name when cadets are not around too).

But different ‘bosses’ might have different views!


Thank you – very excited to be ‘back’.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll certainly ask!

Welcome back! Relax, the staff will be glad to have you there to help


Suit and tie. Nothing garish, plain shirt, neutral colour. Dont make it look like youve just come from a wedding. If it says ‘skinny fit’ on it, bin it.

Sir/Maam until told not to.

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You can pitch up dressed in a full suit, absolutely no need to though. Especially for a ‘hi I’m Tim’ first visit.

The CI regs are wildly out of touch with reality. Uniform of a CI is jeans and a squadron polo shirt at most places, smart casual. Formal night? Sure throw something more formal on but no need to otherwise. Benefit of not being in uniform :smile:


My more formal would be the jeans and a polo. Shorts and a t-shirt is the norm down here :wink:


We had an SI turn up in their twos. Which for the army is equivalent to our No1s. We had a prompt giggle.

Bit too over dressed. Much in contrast to myself whose standard squadron rig is unbloused trousers, no belt, t-shirt and a smock over the top.

As long as you’re “presentable” no offensive slogans on t-shirts or questionable stains… You’ll be fine.


Thank you all – much appreciated :+1:

As an OC, I was far more interested in what a person could bring rather than what they looked like. There are limits, but I’d rather speak to an inspiring person wearing shorts & t-shirt than an absolute tit in a suit.

As above; Sir etc in front of cadets, first name when they’re not around. We’re not real military.


Agreed, lucky to see me in jeans and a polo on camp :wink:

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That approach is not that far removed from “real military” these days…