First RAF Air to Air Kill in 70 years

Looks like the RAF has gotten its first Air to Air Kill in about 70 years. (Before anyone mentions the Falklands they were RAF pilots attached to the Fleet Air Arm)


But what about the time an RAF phantom shot down an RAF Jaguar with a sidewinder :slightly_smiling_face:

raf jaguar pilot shot down by a RAF phantom interceptor


Please don’t use ‘gotten’.

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How about “bore off” can I use that instead? :roll_eyes:


And the legendary radio call from the F104 of “I’m heading home the Brits are playing for real today”.

There was also the possible kill by a GR1 in the First Gulf, a JP223 bomblet hit an Iraqi aircraft as it was heading down the runway, but no one can ever say if his wheels were off the deck.


That’s a one million pound missile to take down a £100 drone (probably) :wink:


BBC reporting it as £200k per missile…

Just spoke to my mate who is a Typhoon pilot and he was supposed to be flying that night but got gazzumpted by his Sqn OC who fired the shot.

I am sure they are right - but the point remains :wink: ASRAAM - Wikipedia which says £200k.

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That’s got to be gutting

There’s a whole discussion going on across NATO about ways to defeat drones - gun systems, cheaper missiles, directed energy weapons. But it’s less about the cost of what’s used to take them down than the cost of what the drone is targeting. £200k is cheap set against, say, the loss of a humvee full of SF operators.

I know, I was being facetious :slight_smile:

It’s a valid question though :grinning: I might pose it to the class next time I’m teaching Air Power or MAS

Or worse…

The Intel that drone is providing.

There is however a significant issue with this level of asymmetric costs in warfare.

Directed energy weapons will somewhat level the field. As long as we get there first of course.

I do genuinely worry about Xi ping whinnie the pooh and his ambitions. Although mercifully even he cannot outpace grandfather time.

What about Q with his laptop before his first cup of Earl Grey in the morning??? :wink:

I’ll get me coat…

or a 50 cal , cheap and lots about. For longer range a radar aimed 20mm Oerlikon.

The technology and systems are out there, mostly on ships.