First class radio

hi ive been given access to first class resources and cant get the right information from it please may i have a hand

What information do you want?
What exactly is it you’ve been given?

I’ve been sent a PowerPoint for basic radio communication but it combines LO1 and LO3. I can’t seem to get the information I need for the questions

what questions? the ones in the first class cadet workbook?

Task p9 activity 1 in the first class book radio communications

ok, There are a few different versions of the Basic Radio Comms training kicking around. The latest version isn’t a powerpoint.
That being said, for P9 Activity 1: List the health and safety issues associated with radio operations below and any safety actions you would take.
Think about Batteries, good practice for looking after any electronic equipment, fire risks, and dangers of antennas.

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Thank you very much for your time and help have a great evening