First Class quiz / assessment

Hi everyone - as we now have the new assessment type sheets for First Class training I wondered if anyone has had the chance to put them all together in some sort of useable document ? I have printed them all out and they seem to be a bit disjointed or is it just me !

My current First Class group have virtually finished on a mix of the old sheets and new and I wanted to do a short quiz / review for half a night to check they had remembered the crucial bits of their training ?

Anyone got any good ideas they are willing to share ?


Sorry what forms are you talking about?

We don’t have any assessment sheets for first class?

likewise, i wasn’t aware any had been issued. there were mockups on sharepoint that were discussed at the RTO meeting, but not aware they had been formalised.

Do you mean the forms which get signed off to say they have done that part of the training or something else? Can’t remember the form name possibly? TG Form #

TG001 and 2 simply state the learning criteria for passing the classification. I think ALJ23 is talking more about assessment forms…

sorry for confusion - I am talking about those new LO forms - that the cadets fill in with the pics

If you’re talking about the new “log book” from TG1 then they should form an A5 book.

They haven’t been approved by the ACMB and TG1 doesn’t know when or if this will happen. It’s completley unofficial and therfore optional until it’s approved.

He’s put them on sharepoint for people to trial the log book. His intention is to use feedback to gain approval of the ACMB.


Typically, we’ve not heard anything about this!

Found it!

You won’t have been told as it isn’t official policy. Although, TG1 seems very eager to get it off the ground (pun intended).


I note with disdain the amount of boxes and signatures required yet again.

Why they can’t make it one signature per page I’ll never know. It seems like a lot of work to go through for what we currently do, especially as not so long ago we were told to make it less like school and more practical.

It seems that a lot of the “questions” are just the same wording as the LO on TG001/002. I guess that might change with time and if approved, but personally I don’t like it.

Had a look and what a complete load of tosh. I thought the original forms were poor but these are worse. There is nothing to indicate what the cadets have “learnt”.
With prompts like describe, identify but then nothing for the person signing off what is considered an acceptable answer.
If you are going to propose an assessment as opposed to a proper exam with questions ans answers, then there should be documentation saying exactly what information needs to be imparted as a guide for the assessor, especially as the assessor shouldn’t be the instructor. Do you do these in a classroom with people cribbing, or as a properly set up assessment? I would lay good money that with say 10000 staff in the Corps, there are nearly 10000 variants of an acceptable “answer”.
I would hope for something like history and development there would be say 10 key points and an acceptable number is 8, any less and back you go.
It’s enlightening to see how poor acceptable assessing/examaning techniques HQAC are setting when it comes to these “vocational” qualifications. I spoke to a couple we had in at work doing a training course and they said they assess NVQs and said the people need to do theoretical and practical assignments signed off by a supervisor evidencing they know their stuff, the student can then either do an essay or a one to one with them ensuring that they do and this then gets sent to a verifier who does quality check. Plus they can be observed at anytime carrying out the on-site assessments.

The ATC assessments don’t require knowing the structure of the Corps and being able to retell it as an exam answer. It’s one of the thing I expect all of my NCOs to know and recite verbatim, with places, names including rank/‘titles’. It outlines this as a requirement in the NCO job spec, so if there isn’t an assessment/examination on it, I’m sure some will question instucting on/teaching it? Are the NCO job specs going to be re-written to reflect this.
Like so many things, when you change something you need to fully understand the direct and indirect effects of the changes you make.

I only found them because I had an alert set up on HQAC documents !!!

So we’ve now gone full circle and are back to having written exams anyway?

Why not just publish a series of paper exams, condense the TG1 and TG2 forms into a suitable sized format (four sides of A5 should be plenty) and just get on with it rather than faffing around with yet another format change?

The idea of issuing the cadet with all of the exam questions from the start seems borderline ridiculous to me.

The whole of cadet examination / assessment has been made ridiculous by people completely disconnected from the process, making decisions about the form and direction they take, in attempt to be educationally and or technologically fashionable.
I don’t want fashionable I want something that is simple and works, with all of the support and back-up documentation in place.