First class map reading

So I’ve been filling in first class from home based on my owwn research and I genuinely don’t know where I’ve gone wrong with map reading.

Questions 2 & 3 on P26 of my cadet logbook are seemingly impossible with my poor eyesight. Even with the enlarged version attached I can barely see the countour lines, My original answers for them were:
Q2) 160m
Q3) 712m

I still think Q2 was correct but maybe I missed one in a weird place or its not meters?
And for Q3 even on the enlarged version when I zoom in the contour lines go blurry and I can’t see them, I not necessarily asking for answers but I would really appreciate some help on this. Im trying to get first class done so I can move on as I already know most of the first class stuff.

I would also like to get it done quickly because there’s blue leadership in August but we don’t start classes up again until late october.

As said before, Any help would be appreciated so much and maybe anybody whos had to read it off of the tiny map has tricks for reading tiny maps?

The question and map are attached below


I was teaching this a few weeks ago so here’s my opinion:
Q2 is close however there’s a contour line that runs directly through the middle of the words on the map so follow that upwards and the height is written above.
Q3 I believe the mountain rescue post is on sea level and Hallival has a height marking written right below it (as it is the highest point of the hill)

I hope this helps and correct me if I’m wrong

I believe it says 723 for hallival, would that mean its just 723m?
One more thing, I dont quite understand what you mean for Q2, I was measuring the loch height from the space on the map for the loch and then counting out, would you potentially be able to annotate the map? I’m gonna right down a bunch of possibilities and discuss them with the staff member in charge because shes really nice abt it

Sorry yes for question 2 160m is correct - it’s been a long day :joy:

For question 3 yes it would be just 723m by my understanding bc there are no contour lines running through the mountain rescue centre.

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