First Class Logbooks 8 at a time

Morning All,

I am intrigued to see if everyone else is in the same position as us currently.

When we are entering a new cadet onto SMS we are sent a first class logbook for them. Problem is that every time i enter a new cadet i receive 8 books. I currently have 60 blank books sat at the squadron and i am dreading what happens when i put our new recruit intake in.

Send them to me. I still don’t think I’ve had any recently!

How many would you like? I can do 20 at a time :joy:

In the same boat here, got lots of them now, which is fine because they’re ready straight away for our new intake, instead of waiting a month for them…
If only it worked like that with the PTS badges :joy:

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Not sure but will keep an eye out for the next batch we are about to add on!

Could do with the extra books to be honest! :blush:

Have you raised it with Bader Helpdesk?

I am waiting till i get to triple figures and then ill consider telling them :wink:

Same here. Dreading the post as just added 10 new cadets!

I can’t even get any ordering them manually!