First Class Flying Operations PowerPoint Lessons

Hello, is there anywhere I can get hold of the Flying Operations PowerPoint Lessons formally Basic Principles of Airmanship please. I currently do not have access to Bader and/or SharePoint due to a issue to my login (still on going with the help desk). If anyone could up load the lessons to the Drive that would be a grate help.


This really defeats the idea of them all being in a central location. As when they get updated, they are then out of date on here.

Here the link to where they are on SharePoint. Maybe best to get someone else on your unit to grab them for you?

And note that link might work for cadets too. I believe they now have access to the Cadet Training Portal bit, rather than the whole training portal.

Nope, not by default.

It keeps changing. A while back they could access all of the Training Hub via the link on the Bader home page. Then that got blocked as it was never meant to be a thing. And now it seems then can access anything within the ‘CadetTrainingPortal’ area. Or certainly the cadets I’ve checked with can access it anyway.

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The general account can still access sharepoint :+1:

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