First Class Cadet Training at Home


I have heard from a few friends that those doing classes that can be completed on Ulitlearn have been able to contine with their work. However, First Class Training is done in a booklet. Does this mean that I will be unable to continute with the syllabus until we come back or do you think an alternative could be instituted.

Hi. The booklet is on Ultilearn too. It’s not ideal if you’ve already started your paper booklet, but if you remember which bits you’ve already done you can fill in the rest


Ah great, thanks. Are ultilearn logins the same as Bader? We havnt been given any logines for Ultilearn. Should I email my OC for one?

mhmm I did wonder. . . Yes your Ultilearn Login is the long number that use use to log in to Cadet Portal.
If you do a “Forgot your password” request on ultilearn ( and email your OC then you’ll probably get your new temporary password.

Of course I’m also surprised that Mr Putin has enrolled as an Air Cadet :laughing:


Great thanks. I do play on the Putin similarity. Especially my ability to speak Russian as well. Great fun when you are bored.

Not so good for when you want to get Security Clearance

Yeah, thats a tough one. If I wanted to join the RAF, quite a few career paths are ruled out.

Or, depending on your inclination for intelligence work, a few career paths will be more open to you! :wink:


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