First Class Cadet Logbook

Has anyone got the latest version of the First Class Cadet Logbook? The one I have isn’t corresponding with the ultilearn resources. And the link to download it doesn’t work either.


The logbook and answers can be found in the training officers area on SharePoint.

I don’t have access to SMS unforinately

This is the latest blank version that I can see. it is dated from 2019 in the name, but SharePont says it was last updated in March.

Thank you. That really helps. The unltilearn logbook tasks still don’t match to it though. there isn’t a P1 for airmanship…

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You will probably find the presentations here a little more useful:

The section for P1 Airmanship is in the Airmanship LO1 Presentation

cadet (at least junior cadets) dont have access to this, is there any way other way i can access the answers?

Junior cadets shouldn’t have access to the answers.

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Agree with @Farmerdan, it may not be the answer you want to hear but its a case of paying attention in a Virtual Parade Night. (We can’t just give you the answers)

Now if your squadron isn’t running classes that’s a whole other kettle of fish.

I’d suggest starting off co-ordinating with your cohort of other junior recruits (assuming there are several of you who started at the same time) and reach out to your squadron training officer (below) or perhaps a squadron social media page

Training.(Sqn #)

And saying you and your friends would like to start/continue your First Class Training.

Failing that … Google: RAFAC (subject) presentation and im sure another squadron has uploaded some form of training PowerPoint online - Example - take it with a pinch of salt though