First Class Cadet Drill Assessment

Hi there,

does anyone have a created drill sequence what corresponds with the First Class Cadet Basic Drill?
this would be a great help.


March out from the squad smartly, come to attention, salute the CO receive First Class Badge salute and return to Squad. This is all that should be necessary. If they cant do that then they have not passed.

However TG 54 (First Class Drill Assessment) has what they should know to pass first class? so just wondering if anyone has created a Drill Sequence to that already - sorry if that wasn’t clear

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On Sqn we do the form flight first as that incorporates the right dress and eyes front. Then into the movements at open order including the paces forwards/rearward/sideways before a fall out to finish.

The officer on parade dismiss is done every night so they aren’t assessed individually on that. We teach them to come and get a certificate and assess them separately on that as well.

I believe I have something along those lines, I’ll DM that later today.

Thank you very much would be really appreciated