First Aid Teach/Assess Requirements


Im Looking to start teaching first aid and assessing the courses I provide.

I am just wondering what the requirements are to teach/assess.

Can anyone be kind and post a document that states everything?

All I have at the moment is a current full FAAW qualification which runs out soon (have lost certificate).

Many thanks and hope to hear a reply soon

To teach FAW you must have a recognised teaching qualification, PTTLs min plus a FAW certificate.

i suggest you get in contact with your Wing First Aid Officer

they will be best place to assist and also assess your ability to teach to approve your activity

Many thanks for the swift reply,

I am in the near future going on a FAAW Trainer/Assessors course.

Would that count as a recognised teaching qualification or would I also need to complete PTTLs?

Exactly which courses/quals are you intending to teach?
Who is your expected audience?

I am intending to teach a full FAAW (with aed)

My expected audience is senior cadets aspiring to be staff and current staff members.

aside from that I am intending to teach outside the ACO

You will need a formal teaching or instructional qualification i.e. PTTLS or Lvl 3 Award in Education and Training to instruct and assess a full FAW. In house trainer/assessor qualifications no longer cut the mustard. See attached



So as I already hold FAAW qualification I wouldn’t need to do a FAAW trainers course if I do another teaching course?

For example, can I do PLLTs and have FAAW qualification to teach? or do I need a PLLTs and FAAW trainer to teach/assess?

Most first aid trainer courses will now include a Lvl 3 AET as part of the course. PTTLLS is no longer available, AET is the replacement qualification .

If you have a FAW certificate and then complete an AET course you will be at the standard to teach and assess. AET covers you to teach and assess. What ever provider you go through (St John/Red Cross etc) will probably have their own courses though as they want you to teach first aid their way.

If you are thinking of going independent you should check the HSE guidelines for first aid delivery. HSE do not approve First Aid providers any more but the criteria they have laid down should be the minimum standard you aim for.

I deliver first aid training thorough my day job and have a FAW, Lvl 3 AET and have also completed in house assessor training through our awarding body.


that sounds great.

So the provider I will be using is Abertay Training and the courses they deliver is FAAW trainer/assessor and a Education and Training Award - which I believe is AET?

So basically this provider is ripping me off by offering the trainer/assessor course and the AET? where as I can just do the AET and ill be fine to teach/assess? (as I already have FAAW)

I’ve had a quick look on their website and the course doesn’t appear to include a Lvl 3 AET, it awards something called a PDLGS. Personally I’d reccomend getting a Lvl 3 AET, it’s more widely recognised and this is what the ACO ask for as a prerequisite to teach St John AFA.


Many Thanks,

I now know what I need to do to carry out training and assessment.

This AET course, can this open more opportunities for me to teach even more? like teaching in schools etc. (not first aid)

To assess FAAW and EFAW, as of October this year, you also need an Assessor qualification (A1 or equivalent) or have completed recognised Assessor training days through the relevant awarding bodies that offer them.

I worked with Abertay for a number of years and then binned them for a variety of reasons. My company has been with Qualsafe for 5 years now and we’ve never looked back.

Do you know the name of the course For an A1 qualification?

Or does anybody have a document made by the ACO for teaching first aid with prerequisites?

So I need FAAW, A1 and Lv3 AET to teach and assess?

The A1 qualification has been superceded by the Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (QCF). It consists of 3 units and takes between 6-9 months to achieve on average, although it can be completed quicker than that.

The best thing to do is approach an awarding body (Qualsafe\Highfield\NOCN) and obtain centre approval through them (Abertay isn’t an awarding body but simply a training company). The awarding bodies often run CPD days for u\t assessors\verifiers where you attend and they allow you to assess\internally verify depending on which CPD event you attend.

Yes. I assume the AET mentioned means the Level 3 Award in Education & Training (QCF)?

And btw, before any awarding body will allow you to teach FAAW, you have to have run a number of training sessions both theory and practical under a qualified FAAW trainer, before they’ll let you ‘fly solo’. Qualsafe insist on four of each for example, You need to maintain a written or electronic log of the courses\sessions you’ve ran as the awarding bodies often ask to see them prior to approving individuals to deliver.

It’s not generally possible to just obtain the relevant qualifications then expect to launch straight into teaching. The HSE relinquished responsibility for governing first aid training sometime ago and all FAAW\EFAW\Paediatric\AED courses are now regulated by Ofqual.

Not that I have much time for the HSE, but OFQUAL even less. Just look at the mess we’re in with GCSEs and A levels, the reports etc can’t all be wrong, and confidence drains.
The report today that there have been over 500000 grade queries and over 90000 changed and OFQUAL are the arbiters of this process. Mind you though when it costs to have papers re-marked, nice little earner, even if, as I was told, those marked higher get a refund.