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I’m a new SI to the RAFAC and I’m slightly confused about the way the first aid quals work. I’ve got First aid at work but I’ve noticed there is EFA, YFA and AFA on the squadron. What are the differences and what qualification is better? Thanks.

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EFA=Essential First Aid
YFA=Youth Firat Aid
AFA=Activity First Aid

EFA is a 3 hour St Johns First aid course covering the basics. All staff and cadets are expected to have at least this qualification. In our Cadet Progressive Training Syllabus, (PTS) this is ‘blue first aid’.

YFA is a weekend course specifically for cadets. On the PTS, this is ‘bronze first aid’.

AFA is a ‘proper’ 16 hour first aid qual, similar to first aid at work. (FAAW) Its available to over 16 cadets who have done YFA, and available to staff. On the PTS, this is ‘silver first aid’.

Staff running certain activities are requied to hold a 16 hour first aid qual. AFA is the normal option for us, however your FAAW is absolutely fine!


Thanks mate, so what kind of first aid training can I deliver with a FAAW qual from the 3 above? And is there not a gold first aid course as well? Sorry if the questions seem dumb.

If you’ve got Sharepoint access (which you should!), have a flick through this document. Annex G gives so the details on who can do what.

The TL;DR being you should be able to deliver EFA and YFA, but will need to be signed off by your Wing First Aid Officer.

Great thanks.

IIRC, all cadets are expected to achieve this within 18 months of joining.


Do SIs get a pass on EFA if they’re in date for IRT Mod. 1?

Nope. Well, not that I’ve ever come across (Mr Emz is a SI).

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