First Aid prep for competition

Hi guys,
I’m the IC for my squadrons first aid team for this years Wing Field Day, and I’m working on training the team at the minute. I’ve done a lot of scenario-based work with them all, but I don’t want my cadets to get tired of it all, before we hit the big day.
Does anybody have any ideas of how to mix up the training? At the end of the day, I want my team to have fun and enjoy the subject!

I did a few things outside of scenarios to prep my team:

1.Circuit training’ like in a gym so 5 mins on each station

  • sling and awkward smalltalk for remaining time asking ample questions
  • normal bandage and embedded object bandage
  • CPR (had to seamlessly handover and keep going throughout the whole session) I put 2 cadets on this station
  1. numbers and alphabet they have to write 1st aid terms for the alphabet and numbers: 1,2,5,6,10,20,30,100,112,120,999 etc and have to write what it relates to eg 20 mins under water for burns, 5 back blows etc

3.1st Aid Positions dice - write asthma, chest pain, severe bleed, unresponsive, CPR, Nosebleed on a dice and they roll it then put partner into the 1st aid treatment position eg lazy W for chest pain

  1. Go through a past score sheet. Comp 1st aid is very different so talk through making 999 call within 2 mins for example

Hope this helps

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