First Aid IBN 10 - 2020 | Updates to ACTO 8

Have people seen the latest ibn about first aid?

Do we have to put an activity on SMS everytime we want to conduct FA training? Even heart start?

I thought we didn’t need SMS activities for parade night activities.

Have I missed something?

What’s next an sms activity for a power point classification lesson?

Must be a wing thing, we’ve always had to put it on SMS (and if nothing else makes adding the qualifications really easy)

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Nope it’s a HQAC IBN.
On sharepoint. 29th jan.

Sorry I perhaps didn’t make that clear.

Not the IBN - I know that’s a HQAC element and I think it’s a positive step.

More where you’ve obviously not put in an SMS for heartstart just because it’s on a Sqn evening

For the last few years we have had to create an SMS activity for all first aid, and get it approved before running it.

At one point, we had to raise it six weeks before the event. That seems to longer be a problem.

However, now that unit squadron commanders can approve their own it’s a non-issue. Unless you can’t yet authorise you’re own, like me

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Your time will come. Stay strong.

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The big question on my lips is:

Who the hell taught these people about version numbering!?


Those are NOT major revisions. This is how we end up with Version 9,127.0 of some barely altered document.
This nonsense needs to stop.


They used to number things more logically but I think this current pattern was imposed upon us by somebody above, so look there for the idiots.

Asking the questions that matter. I congratulate you! :joy:

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Have to ask, which ACTO takes precedence…

If FA Training is Low Risk, and taking place on unit premises, does it need to be recorded on SMS at all?

If running at a weekend I would to allow sharing via Cadet Portal, key issue here is a HS course on a parade night now has additional admin burden…


There are plenty of other people to ask “Why in the name of sanity do I have to create an SMS event for a blasted Heartstart course???”… I can focus my skills elsewhere. :smiley:

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I also question this part - is it specifically a course with an outcome (HS, YFA), or are they including a scenario night with refresher debriefing?

Getting my Teflon™ crystal ball out, seems as though someone somewhere has cheated, or someone has it in their head that people are cheating (not that this actually resolves that).

The only practical purposes I can see are for audit (who is training, how often) and then the option to drop in on a unit claiming to be running training. Micromanagement in a nutshell.

All of this is supposed to be making our lives easier… Yet we’ve added another seemingly irrelevant layer of admin…

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You’re being required to create events two weeks in advance even if you are going to self authorise!?
That’s effing mental!

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I’ve just double checked and it looks like it’s PiPE only.

No such thing as a PiPE anymore … they are all just Events, and the activity type determines the approval level.

Is this 2 week notice in ACTO 10 or local policy?

I’ll admit anything less may be difficult for cadets to sign up on Cadet Portal or to even staff the event though.

No such thing as a PiPE in SMS, but there are still public events that are participated in… :wink:

Tbh, I pretty much ignored the message on the basis of “I’ll fight that battle when and if I need to” and not really feeling like ACTO10 is my idea of Saturday night bedtime reading :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve always created SMS activities for all first aid in our wing for years now. Apparently because the course aren’t RAFAC, but under license of SJA and BHF so it’s to appease them that we’re doing them correctly.

For heartstart, they are appeased by us filling in their course log and sending it to wing. I don’t see any justification for creating an activity for heartstart delivered on a squadron night.

No issues with doing them for yfa as we run them at weekends at my squadron and it makes assigning the subsequent qualification to attendees easier if we have other units invited.


Does make you’re life slightly easier when you can then just bulk update add heartstart.

Which you can do from the sqn’s cadet list anyway…