First Aid at Work?

Just a quick one, thought here would be the best place to ask since theres no dedicated first aid forum anymore, but say a cadet was a member of flight staff at a VGS/AEF, and as part of that they had to complete a FAAW course, would they then be entitled to wear the green first aid badge? assuming of course that it is a St John syllabus run FAAW.


The FAW syllabus and standards therein are set and administered by the HSE not individual training bodies. So you can wear the badge regardless, as all St John do is deliver the course. The funny handshake St John mob in the cadet forces may disagree. My company hasn’t used St John for a number of years as they tend to charge ridiculous amounts, but my certificate still says HSE FAW.

Back when I was a cadet I wasn’t allowed the SJA FAAW (Green) Badge when I completed an external FAAW :-/

Frankly I don’t see the point of the badge. No one I know with an FAW or any FA qualification has a badge, doesn’t mean you don’t know 1st Aid. I’ve had FAW for 25 years and never had badge of any description. Not being able to wear the badge is more to do with the SJA grandees in the cadet forces, not wanting to recognise that other people do exactly the same as SJA in terms of 1st Aid, but somehow SJA have been granted a monopoly.

The increase in badges in the cadets, is just a scoutyfying move, but that’s another story.

SJA certainly don’t have a monopoly of any sort with regard to FAAW training - it was only the brand which was well known, much like the British Red Cross.

My company is an HSE-approved centre for FAAW, EFAW, AED and Paediatric First Aid and don’t charge nearly as much as SJA. I think their prices have always been a rip-off but I assume that it’s the only way they can pay all their senior officers and other hangers-on.

As you may know, FAAW is being de-regulated in early 2013 which means that the HSE will no longer be responsible for issuing approvals. We’ve gone over to Ofqual and will start to deliver their courses. First Aid at Work is being upgraded to a Level 3 QCF course with the remainder being Level 2 QCF.

I’d be interested to see what SJA do. Whether they go across to Ofqual or whether they rely solely on the SJA brand to make their sales.