Fire Station Activity Night

Dear All,

Our squadron is currently parading in our local fire station while our hut is being renovated. The fire service has kindly offered to run an activity night for the squadron. We need to create an sms. Has anyone has done anything similar and if so do you have a risk assessment I can use. Fire fighting training is an activity on sms but I have been unable to find a risk assessment on Sharepoint.

Thank you in advance.

There is a specific event category for ‘Fire Fighter Training’. Assumign the night will involve a bunch of putting on all the gear and spraying water, that might be the best catagory.

As for RAs, if it’s their activity, then surely they are not needed? If I took cadets to an external activity provider, like GoApe, I’d only need their PLI. I wouldn’t need to write my own RA for High Ropes course!

I’ve not organised anything like that for a while, so happy to be corrected.

A reference for this would help me a lot right now if you have it… (in a different but related context)

Probably in the depths of ACP 5 somewhere. Fundementally, if we use an external provider for an activity, then they are the SME, so how can I risk assess it? I need to ensure they are appropriately insured etc, and possibly ask for a copy of their RAs. If I booked for cadets to go ghyll scrambling then I am not going to try and write a Ghyll Scrambling RA as I have no clue what would be in it. I’ll let the professionals do their job.

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Agreed - it’s what we’ve done in the past but some are being a bit funky about it. I’ll endure another read and see if I can find

In the Go Ape scenario, you wouldn’t risk assess the course, but you still RA the activity from a management perspective.

For the fire station, get copies of theirs. They might even have one for external visits and demonstrations and/or PR outreach. That would cover the specifics of the activity.

If you’re using their building already, then you should already have lesson and B&S sorted.

I don’t think I’d use firefighting training as the category because that feels more like formalised training for a certificate to me. I’d be looking along the lines of an external visit.

Of course… If it’s in your building and the activity has an RA held for it, is there actually any need for an SMS event?