Final flights for Tornado: your last chance to see

Happening next week- three days of final flights.

Sad but inevitable (and for those that ever suffered from mid-air TEF etc, they may not be so sorry to see it go)

Sad sad sad sad sad. Wanting to change my username to GR4 in memory! (A joke of course, but sad nonetheless).

I hope to see the flypast but I doubt I will.

Another historic aircraft for cadets to study.

Having directly-served in Flt Ops in support of the original F3 Tornado squadrons, I will really be sorry to see these final GR airframes grounded. They had plenty of shortcomings (less each year they were in service) but many real strengths. A truly-impressive aircraft.

Hope to see this finale if I can- somehow.


Iā€™m going to miss the old girl, they were a big part of my service life, and a noisy and welcome visitors my civilian life.

Iā€™d like to wave goodbye to her at her best - low, fast, and noisy!

I do remember the excitement seeing the first ones flying past my school at low level. A welcome change from the Jag,

I doubt that I will be a position to see them on the final tour though, unless they make a detour (which they might) past my 20.

I remember going to Honnington on a visit in the early 80s and being shown a hangar with one in bits, as apparently they were taken apart so people knew how to put them back together. Not sure how true it was but it seemed sensible.

I also recall seeing them at Donna Nook with Harriers and Jags making holes in the nets and sand. But I was more enamoured with the Jags and Harriers, than the Tornados.