Fieldcraft training in the dark

We have two staff fieldcraft instructors, and TOPL permission on some common land in the extended Sqn envelope [about a mile away].

As the nights start drawing in, fieldcraft is removed from the training programme.

Is training in the dark outlawed, or has someone at Sqn level ‘interpreted the rules’ ?

If this is in a manual somewhere I’d be interested to have a read, so any pointers gratefully received.


ACFTIs on sharepoint.

FT can take place in the dark. If you have an ESF then it is allowed without further permissions.

If you dont have this site signed off as an ESF then depending on the level of activity it would be wing fieldcraft officer or possibly even Reg Cmdt sign off required.

Also this might also depend on the staffs preference they might just do this for cadets safety.

I don’t use ESF in the dark. There’s little point considering the constraints.

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Thank you,

I’m told that the area is signed off. I’ll send the document round and ask some questions.

The staff WANT to do it in the dark.


What constraints?

The new ACFTI regime has very few constraints on night training (although there is a list of eminently sensible considerations).

I read it last night (skimmed it) and didn’t notice any constraints. It hardly mentioned night time. Did I miss a bit?.

No, I’m not talking about regs. You can train in the dark and run CPT. The only ESF requirements are clearances and use during normal parade hours as discussed.

So far, I have preferred not to operate under ESF in the dark and leave nighttime “training” to exercises, having conducted training and CPT with associated checks and adjustment during daylight - either on ESF or the daytime portions of an exercise.

This is because of personal considerations such as our current limitations staff-wise as a Sqn, the progress so far made with our current crop of cadets, and others. As we make progress in areas such as developing the staff team and growing the unit in terms of cadet numbers, increasing ESF and weekend exercise training output this may change.

Ah, thank you.i thought I’d missed something.