Fieldcraft exercise ideas

Anyone got any good ideas for a brief fieldcraft exercise with the following parameters? I might come up with some ideas but the assembled experience in here will probably be better…

Approx 14 junior cadets (of variable keenness) plus 1 x Cpl and 2 x LCpl. Probably the Cpl will be running the exercise (CI supervising but he is very inexperienced)

90 minutes end to end, in daylight (May/June)

10 x handheld radios available (multiple licensed channels)

All cadets have completed:
basic radio training including test of sending letters and numbers from the radio syllabus
‘why things are seen’, ‘cam & concealment’, ‘night movement’
night navigation exercise on a training area including moving tactically at night

I have one more 45m lesson available before then when I plan to do patrol signals/formations but we could do something else

I have open land (many many acres of playing fields) and adjacent small wood (approx 150m x 150m though not exactly square), plus hedges etc. Detailed maps are easily available as we subscribe to Digimaps for Schools.

Aim: consolidate fieldcraft skills and radio skills; leadership and teamwork; enjoyable.

Any and all ideas welcome.

Go with the classic - downed pilot. Two sections, each with LCpl I/C.

Start from harbour, patrol in a short distance to search area - search area is split into two (one for each section. One finds the pilot, renders first aid, other moves in once contacted by radio. Quick move to HLS (possibly by stretcher), endex when the ‘heli’ arrives to take everyone away.


Thanks, that does sound useful. Will need to find a downed pilot from somewhere. I did this at Cosford and was the downed pilot; and they carried me in a poncho and bashed me on the ground…

We have a parachute somewhere, too. Sounding better and better.

We got some old dpm and filled it with various bits to fill it up and make it look human shape. Ive also seen a few watermelons used as if you drop them it goes splat!

Edited as i just thought. If you have an old Rescusi annie. Put that in a dpm shirt and fill a pair of dpm trousers with hay or something, hey presto you have a casualty!

Use an resus annie with some empty trousers on.
That way when the airmen “stops breathing” they can do CPR as well.
Works a treat.

We have designated one of our annies as a “outdoor annie” that one is the one we always use. Saves the others.

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Yep, was going to suggest that!

We actually have a “rough use” dummy made from scratch as a cadet project

I’ll ask but ours are rather precious little Annies and may not be allowed outside! Good idea though, I like the ability to inject ‘casualty has stopped breathing’ into the exercise unexpectedly.

No reason you can’t just stuff a set of coveralls full of old kit - you can still do CPR on a bunch of clothes!


If your CCF, do you happen to have a RN section and do they happen to have a weighted dummy for man overboard practice you can use??

I know on RN ships their is a weighted dummy for training I think about 8/10 stone they through into the water and train to recover. Some sea cadet units I have heard got them but about the 6 stone mark.

May be worth asking.

Using a weighted dummy comes with its own risks. We did it a few years ago until caught, you have to go through correct methods of lifting and carrying; in case you damage the little darlings and parents come back complaiming. Good idea though :clown_face:

Fair point…
I forgot about manual handling training.

Do you get a badge for that now??? :wink::grin:

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Yeah, MoB dummies come in variety of weights (I’ve come across ones from 40-80kg).

There’s no specific manual handling training AFAIK, just ensure that it’s properly risk-assessed - I’d suggest that training and practise would be a sensible control for that. I have a stretchers lesson plan if anyone wants it.

I do have an RN section but they just use a buoy with a chain hanging down, rather than anything man shaped, unfortunately.
I do have a drone, and acres of private land with permission to fly it…

Erm, have you got any Staff or Staff Cdts that have undertaken the Fieldcraft Instructor Course TM?
With a 1:10 ratio for daylight conditions.
You need an ECO present (or at least the Sqn Commander to act as defacto ECO) for the local training and a Staff member to be First Aid cover.

Its not a Deployed Exercise on a wild and wooly training area, but you still have to follow ACFTIs to ensure everyone is safe, have the training assurance and ensure the reputation of Fieldcraft activity.

If in doubt, ask advice from your Wing FC Officer or maybe your Sector FC Officer if you have one, get them doing their jobs :slight_smile:
Not sure of the CCF set up if that’s your branch, maybe speak to your TEST NCO for advice?

Oh, I wouldn’t call it field training, more a bimble around the entirely benign school grounds :slight_smile:

Resurrecting this thread.

What cadet ‘attack’ options do we have left?

30 years ago, we would just go out and it would be bundles all round.

Now we cant even use a cap gun.

Open to innovative suggestions from the brain trust.

Essentially none if you stick within the proper rules. All the ‘attack’ stuff is in chapter two fieldcraft and tactics manual, which we’re not allowed to teach. (with the exception of the first 2 sections of chapter 2 I think).

This is not true at all however, and sections 20/21/22 of the above manual can be taught and practised with blank fire/pyro now!

Have you already taught and practised operating as a member of a section, including withdrawing, with blank ammunition?

Yes… If you’ve managed to get someone who’s done a M qual, and you’ve managed to get regional approval.

There been a lot of opportunities in LaSER from what I’ve seen recently post Covid. I think I’ve seen more fieldcraft/military skills stuff going on in the last year than have have from the previous 10.