Field Radio

Afternoon all,

I was on Ex recently, and the FS who was IC of comms and radio had this field deployable radio. It was a tube that could be rolled out and erected to make the antenna for a TAIT-style radio base station. If anyone knows of any sort of field radio antenna or quick deployable antenna for creating a base station, then please lmk :slight_smile:


If you search for inflatable VHF antenna, there are a few products. How well they work on RAFAC VHF frequencies, I don’t know.

Was it a section of plastic tubing or a telescopic type?

Plenty of field type masts out there in the ham radio world.

Could be a Rolatube mast

Rolatubes are great - but not cheap!

Yeah sounds like you are describing a Rolatube.

You could look at getting a Sleeve Antenna, or for VHF/UHF you could get a Roll up Slim-Jim and a telescopic mast.

Or make your own slim-jim from open feeder cable and tune it to RAFAC frequencies Slim jim. This makes a good STEM project and produces a useful antenna for our activities.


Do you what region of pricing you’d be set back by one of these?

They don’t publish pricing but when I spoke to them I think it was a couple of hundred for the mast, depending on the configuration.

Ah okay, cheers!