Females in trousers

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When females wear trousers instead of skirts, do they wear the belt with it going through the left side.
By this i means the same as male cadets, where we have the blues belt end through the first left belt loop.


I’m 99% certain that they wear them exactly the same as Males.

Even the male rules don’t specify which way round the belt is worn and it probably doesn’t matter.

Convention/habit has the buckle on the left and the free end fed into it right to left (from the wearer’s perspective).

It matters more for the stable belts which are either buckled on the left (old style) or so the blue band is uppermost and any writing is the correct way up.

I didn’t realise that slacks had belt loops - just checked 1358c however and it’s staple belt, money belt or none.

If you did wear a traditional one however and wore it the same way as the males, I’m not sure many people would notice / kick up a fuss…

The illustrations show blue/grey belt worn through belt loops. Just another inconsistency I guess.

I’m only raising the question because it doesn’t say anything. It just mentions about an inch through the first belt loop. Also on our squadron, females get told to wear them the opposite way to the males.

You are correct - the picture shows different to the words - who’d have thought!

@Campbell273 - if your squadron says that’s the way to do it then I’d be inclined to agree whilst at squadron. If it’s pulled higher up the chain at an event then it’s squadron staff responsibility to explain any discrepancy and not yours.

The issue appears more to be with the different patterns of slacks and/or whether the cadet was issued with male trousers and not slacks. (Depending on shape some girls prefer trousers to slacks.

A simple rule I have always followed is this: If you have belt loops, wear a belt.

The side the belt goes round does depend on the ‘handedness’ of the cadet, as this determines how they feed the belt and will have done for years before joining our gang.

Some female slacks came without belt loops. I suspect that other contracts came with them (in the same way that some female light blue shirts have breast pockets, whilst others don’t).

Females can also wear the male pattern trousers which do come with loops.

I’m the same as Baldrick - if it’s got belt loops, wear a belt.
Personally, I’d have all belts worn the same way.
The idea of females wearing them the other way does have some merit I suppose; but only in that female shirts and trousers fasten the other way.

It makes sense if they are being dressed by their lady-in-waiting…

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