Female Remove Headdress HELP PLEASE

Hi everyone,
Just been informed- and don’t know how correctly- that on the command ‘remove headdress’, women are not to remove their headdress. This was told to my squadron by a Wing Commander by local RAF squadron.
Would anyone be able to shed any light on the matter before Remembrance Sunday please?

Yes the Wing Commander is correct, this is normal practice at church parades. See attached excerpt from AP1358c.



What is the context where head dress is removed by a command at your service?

The only time I have seen this is for three cheers to the queen, performed at the festival of remembrance at the royal albert hall.

Mike Bravo is correct for in a church, but this would not be done by the command, as male personnel would remove thrir head dress while entering yhe churvh.

from memory the command is:
The parade will remove head dress,

followed by
parade will replace head dress
head dress

If you do have this command, I beleive all would remove head dress, as it would be whist on parade and not in a church.

Thoughts welcome if I am mistaken

It means when you go into a church. Guys remove headwear, girls don’t.

Watch the RBL Festival of Remembrance tonight and see what the females do on the final parade, for the answer.

I’m pretty sure GSM London would be getting it right.

The context I believe the question is being asked in is during an outdoor parade during a ‘church’ element i.e. prayers. Done regularly during RN parades when the Bish takes the stage.

Remove Headress may be correct for the RAF ( I don’t know) but you may hear ‘off cap’ and ‘on caps’ which is the RN order.

Traditionally females are not to remove headress on this order but this is no longer compulsory. Most females left their caps on as it was considerably easier for them. When in church they all removed them.

Looks like everybody was hats-off for the cheers.