Female Parade shoes

Hey all,

Does anybody know where I can get size 10 female parade shoes, really struggling to find a pair,



Hi Jess

Try here…



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Ask you WO to Call your parent RAF station clothing stores and ask or get some while you’re on camp

I would advise against an online purchase.
Several of my cadets have done this and they (or more correctly their parents) have had to go hassle of returning them as they didn’t fit despite being their current foot size (be aware male shoes come in different width sizes I have to get 12L, I can’t get my feet in the other 12s, not sure if the same applies to female shoes) or two where they ordered G1 and they were rubbish.
It might mean a trip out but try and get to a shop.

If you have an “Army Surplus” shop nearby, worth seeing what they have. Depending on your age & growth rate, new shoes can be expensive. You may wish to consider eBay (I couldn’t see any female size 10 though) but you have the same risk as on-line purchases with respect to fitting, etc.