Female Parade Shoe

Best place to get female parade shoes?? All local surplus stores to me have closed, the nearest one is a good few miles away, not a place I’d be able to get to easily. If anyone could send me a link to a genuine website which would provide me with good parade shoes please do so. But please, and I can not stress this enough, please not Grafters. I am currently on my second pair of Grafters which have already begun wearing down after about 9 months and will only polish to a certain extent. Its a really good shine but I know I could easily make them shinier!
Thanks in advance :upside_down_face:

Cadet direct is the usual shout

Or eBay. I’ve bought a few (male) parade shoes there, no problems.

I specifically tell my Cadets to avoid Rip Off Direct like the plague.

Amazon does some decent quality ones at a far better price.



I do like the service and slightly better prices of cadet kit shop though

For most kit, if I don’t know exactly what I want I often research on Cadet Direct as a minimum because of their range, then hit up cadet kit shop, eBay, and a Google search (checking out the shopping results and traditional search results from shops that don’t feature).

For shoes, Google search and eBay, but being careful about the type and style.

Generally issue shoes are the best imo, watch out for “RAF style”, “military style” or similarly worded adverts. Ebay is where i’ve found my male shoes but female shoes are harder to find.

try cadetsuk - very good prices https://www.cadetsuk.com/contents/en-us/d231_parade_shoes_aircadets.html


I joined air cadets a few months ago. I purchased my parade shoes but I’m having some problems. The polish keeps cracking and flaking off when I’m applying the polish and after. When I walk in them large amounts of polish flake off. Would should I do?

That’s perfectly normal. Run the shoe under a cold water tap to remove flakes before polishing

How do I prevent it from cracking and flaking while I’m polishing?

You cant really just need to work through it. Might be worth putting a thick coat of kiwi black (not parade gloss) and leaving it to harden over a couple of days then bull on top of that

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I’ll try that. Thank youuu