Female officers wearing OR caps?


Hello all
In the past week I’ve seen two female Flt Lts wearing OR SD hats with officer cap badges. As far as I’m aware (and after consulting 1358 and 1358c) only WOs have the choice. Anyone have any further info on this or are said officers just plain wrong?


It used to be a ORs hat could be worn as No2 for females but that’s going back years no idea if that’s still the case


Just think it looks a bit gash personally


It doesn’t look gash it is gash!!


Yes, you’ve not checked very thoroughly! :stuck_out_tongue:


My bad! I still defend the fact it looks awful though…


Yes, but all female officer No 2 hat choices look terrible.


Female officers full stop. Not being funny but I’ve seen all sorts - one wearing a dark blue dress?!


Really? You’re going to say all female officers look rubbish? :roll_eyes:


Not all of them. Just a few who bend the rules. Same goes for everyone really. Still don’t understand the whole dress thing - is it an accepted form of no 2?


To be clear, my criticism was entirely directed towards the design of the uniform, rather than the way it’s worn.

Pretty sure that’s just maternity wear.


Ah. Makes sense. Thanks.


Is ‘appropriate badge’ the cloth badge as per male SD hat? I know of one officer who wears an OR hat with enamel officer beret badge.


Good question - I’d guess that it’s the badge from the Female Officers’ SD hat, but it’s not really clear.


That would make sense, the beret badge on an SD hat looks gash.


I can certainly imagine that the metal one would. A cloth one might work if the normal badge looks too large (as the cloth beret badge is essentially a shrunken SD hat badge anyway)